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Appraisal Tips for Owners and Real Estate Agents

How to Obtain a Good Appraisal…. The business of appraisals has changed since I started my real estate career many ...
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Strategies to Be An Attractive Homebuyer

Home Buyers need to have an edge over other buyers The real estate market is HOT along the coast of ...
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Repairing Your Credit After a Short-Sale or Foreclosure

Credit Score Tips Short-selling your home may be a way to lift a financial burden off your shoulders and the ...
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Green Homes Sell for 9% More

Going Green Gets More Costly in California With green homes not only selling for 9% MORE in California, their premium ...
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FHA Rescinds Tough New Credit Restrictions

Home Buyers Find It Easier to Obtain FHA Loans In a policy switch that could be important to thousands of ...
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5 Things To Know Before You Move Into A Neighborhood

Research, Research, Research! 1. Check Megan's Law databases & call the local police department for statistics. 2. Is the area ...
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Do you own a Condo or interested in purchasing one?

FHA has changed their requirements for approving complexes for financing. If the complex is not approved this means you or your buyer cannot ...
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20% Downpayment Proposal – What’s the latest?

The 20 percent proposal is alive but groups are still trying to bury it. The higher initial equity the lower ...
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Title Insurance Coverage Differences

Title Insurance Policies …. What is title insurance?  It is an indemnity insurance policy that protects the purchaser, lender or ...
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What is a “Rehab” Loan?

FHA Financing for San Diego home Have you seen your potential Dream Home but worried about the cost to repair? ...
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