Home Buying Tips

Before Buying a Condo – Do Your Homework

Lending Guidelines Are Changing for Condo’s It’s important for home buyers to know that there have been many changes in ...
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A foreclosure map

Making A Short Sale Offer

Some time ago I ran across the below information on making an offer for a short sale property and thought ...
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Short Sale Hurdles

Even with President Obama’s plan to help home owners avert foreclosure, there will be many more short sale and foreclosures ...
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Real Estate Myths for Buyers and Sellers

I found an interesting article by Barbara Corcoran on MSNBC that explains away 5 myths each for buyers and sellers ...
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Selling and Buying A Home at the Same Time

In any real estate market, including San Diego Coastal, selling a home and buying a new one can be a ...
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Getting the Best Deal When Buying a Home

Buying a home in San Diego or anywhere is very often an emotional process especially if it is going to be your ...
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Sqaure-Foot Home Value Doesn’t Tell Whole Story

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to find out how much the home you want to ...
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Real Estate Contract Negotiations

The natural focal point of a real estate purchase contract is the selling price of the home, but the price ...
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A Fixer-Upper Could Be Profitable

There is always a small percentage of homes for sale at any given time that can present a profit opportunity ...
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Final Walk Through Inspection

When you are buying a home, it is essential to do one or two final walk-through inspections prior to closing. ...
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