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A Victorian home

Building Wealth Through Buying Pensacola Real Estate

Want to Build Wealth? Buy a Home This Year. Every year, households across the country make the decision to rent ...
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A vacant home

Appraisal and Home Inspection Differences

What’s the Difference between an Appraisal and a Home Inspection? If you’re planning to buy a home in Pensacola area, ...
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Young couple having financial discussion in kitchen area

Buy or Rent a Home in Pensacola

Rent vs. Buy: How to Decide What’s Best for You   According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median rent continues to rise. With today’s low ...
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View of the Fair Housing Cartoon Image

Buyer Letters to Home Sellers

Watch out that HUD with the Fair Housing Act doesn't come after you for writing that letter! Many of my ...
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The View Of Nas Pensacola - Dee Marie Fisher

Should I Buy a Home Near the Airport?

There are many factors that go into buying that perfect home. It is a critical decision to make. You’ve found ...
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Saving Money for a House Image

Home Ownership Has Real Advantages | 6 Economic Benefits of Buying a Home

Benefits to Owning a Home Having your own home can take some work, but there is pride in that work ...
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Out of the Box Home Buyers

Thinking Outside of the Box When Buying a Home…. For those home buyers who would like to get the best ...
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Real Estate Terms: Contingent and Pending Sales | Pensacola

Real Estate Terms Defined…. I ran across a blog post I wrote in August 2010 titled  “Understanding Real Estate Terms ...
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A “real estate sold” sign

Difference between Seller and Buyer Real Estate Agents

Tasks Performed by the Seller’s Agent Seller’s Agent is also called the listing agent…. A listing is the written agreement ...
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A picture of the Property Evaluation Appraisal

Home Inspections and Contingency Removals

Home Buyers Potential Inspections In my opinion, home buyers have an advantage in California that many other states do not ...
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