Out of the Box Home Buyers

Thinking Outside of the Box When Buying a Home….

For those home buyers who would like to get the best deal, a blog post I wrote in August 2008 “Getting the Best Deal When Buying a Home” is still applicable to our Pensacola real estate market today…. some things do not change!

The five points of that post are as follows:

  • Determine the Market Size
  • Look for Vacant Properties
  • Look for the Diamond in the Rough
  • Be Willing to Visit Difficult-to-Show Properties
  • Shy Away from Price-Per-Square-Foot Method

Under the paragraph, Look for Vacant Properties, it states that banks are extremely busy and do not respond in a timely manner…. that has finally changed; however, the response will be slower than that of a motivated seller.

As a home buyer, if you are interested in exploring the Pensacola real estate market, please dial my number… 850-380-5542.

Dee Marie Fisher