Home Buying Season Is What Time of Year?

Does the season make a difference in selling a home?

What a great question…. which I hear alot from my home sellers, especially going into the holiday season at the end of the year.  A few years ago, I wrote a blog “6 Reasons to Sell During the Holidays” that showed the value of listing a home for sale.

There is now statistical data that shows that maybe Spring is not the best time to list your home with a real estate broker.  Contrary to popular belief, winter time sales have a 9% chance to sell faster and for a smaller discount to the list price than spring. 

Of course, there are several factors that will determine the best time of year to list your home for sale…..

The first would be when it is best for you and your personal or business life…. do you have a job relocation, a desire to be closer to family, is your home ready to list or are repairs needed.

Second, is where is the home located…. the geographic differences do make a difference; yet, not as much as one would think.  In the those areas with winter snow and ice like Chicago and Boston, it appeared that statistically the winter time listings showed short sales time and higher price also.

So, if you have a home in selling condition and the time is right for you…. just find that great real estate broker and place your home on the market!

Dee Marie Fisher