5 Reasons Homeowners Hesitate to Sell

Why Homeowners Don’t Put Homes on Market…

1.  They lack equity in their home and do not want a distressed sale…. short sale with all the ensuing credit issues.

2.  Fear of restrictive lending standards have them believing buyers cannot qualify for a mortgage.

3.  Low housing inventory has caused a rise in home prices and many homeowners believe their home will be worth more if they wait a bit.

4.  Fear that they cannot find a replacement home due to the low inventory.

5.  Rising home prices and interest rates are slowing the home buyers urge to purchase.

Are you a homeowner that is looking to sell?  We want you!  There truly are still many buyers wanting a home…. and can’t find one. 

Remember…. there are solutions for the above fears and problems that stop you from selling your home!

Dee Marie Fisher