6 Reasons to Sell During Holidays

Selling Homes during Holiday Season and Winter Time

Many people make the decision to wait until spring time to put their homes on the market because everyone knows that “Spring time is the best selling season”.  It is true that there are more homes on the market in the Spring with many more sales because parents prefer not to move and have their children change schools mid-year.

However, the Fall, holiday season and Winter have advantanges in selling your home:  

  1. While parents with children make up a good portion of our population…. don’t forget the young professionals, the retirees and couples without children!
  2. Serious buyers are still looking for homes year round…. less inconvenience for you and your family in showing your home.
  3. There is less competition from other homes on the market…. less homes for the buyer to consider.
  4. Faster Transaction Time…. the banks, appraisers and escrow companies will not be as busy.
  5. Mortgage Interest and Qualifications are changing in 2014…. causing issues with higher interest and stricter loan requirements.
  6. You need to move on with your life…. what is the reason you are selling and decide if it is worth it to wait until Spring and the extra competition.

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Dee Marie Fisher