Your Home Used to be WHAT?

One-of-a-Kind Converted Homes

How interesting is this……. Warehouses, factories, barns, and churches are more commonly being re-purposed into residences, but for the adventurous buyer with a budget for renovation, no structure is off limits as a potential home. We don’t see an abundance of re-purposed homes such as these on the west coast, however, Encinitas can lay claim to the famous “Boat Houses” on 3rd Street. 

Does anyone know of other unique homes in San Diego County?  Please let me know!

Have you thought about how “green” it is to convert a unused building into a residence?

I don’t expect most people will all be moving into reclaimed trains, planes, and automobiles any time soon… however, I think these home designs are a lot of fun. They can show a buyer what’s fun, comfortable, and unique outside the track home box and dream what’s different.

You may not need to live in an airplane today but maybe you can reuse some lumber or furniture, or perhaps switch to paints that are better for your air quality. 

MSN Real Estate article has more on re-purposed homes and tips to saving energy in your current home.

Dee Marie Fisher

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