Dee Marie Fisher

Homeownership Is Still A Smart Decision

You’ve all heard the news reports saying that the housing market is in turmoil, and that home prices are falling, ...
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A Home Pre-Inspection Can Save Money

It has often been recommended that home sellers pay for a professional home inspection when they list their home for ...
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Golf Course Communities….. Coastal San Diego

Spring is on it’s way…. if it hasn’t arrived!  Golfers are lucky in San Diego because they can play almost ...
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Fractional Ownership vs. Timeshares

A few months ago, I received a call from a potential buyer about a 2 bedroom and bath condomonium for ...
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Renovation Financing

Loans to renovate a home have been around for a long time under various names.  Wells Fargo and other lending ...
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Seven Steps to Staging Your House to SELL

You’ve made a decision to sell your home or your investment property at this time. It’s a different real estate ...
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Good Bye to 2007!

We’re in the final countdown for 2007…. less than 12 hours to go!  It’s time to give a heartfelt goodbye to ...
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Buyer’s Benefits from Real Estate Auctions

Real Estate Auctions offer Buyers a way to purchase property in a setting that is both exciting and open.  The ...
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Benefits of Real Estate Auctions for Sellers

Previously I explained about the new sales method available in San Diego through my company, Prudential California Realty….. real estate ...
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