Wind Energy for San Diego

Is A Home Windmill For You?

At the Green Meets Green Expo, I discovered a home windmill that will generate energy from winds as low as 10mph.  

Check out this article in the Chicago Tribune: “Wind Turbine atop architect’s house reveals that home-energy savings fix may be blowin’ in the wind”. If this could power her entire house in the changing weather of Chicago think of the possibilities in our environment. This article led me to the San Diego company of Helix Wind Corp which manufactured her windmill.

How it works: As the wind blows, the long helical blade scoops catch the wind from all directions forcing it through the turbine. The turbine generator is connected directly to your home and as electricity is generated, your home is powered. If the wind isn’t blowing your home is powered by the energy grid as usual. There is also a possibility of rebates!

I have much more Green Real Estate information available and will continue to provide the latest I come across….

Dee Marie Fisher