Lead Renovation Rule

BEWARE….. Contractors, Homeowners and Realtors!

Starting today, renovations on homes older than 1978 will require the contractor to be certified in the common-sense steps to protect children and families from lead dust  from old paint.  It forces contractors to use “lead-safe” practices when renovating/remodeling the older homes which will add to the cost of the renovation….. but will help the health of all persons!

EPA is requiring the contractors to deliver to the homeowner or occupant a lead renovation pamphlet and get a receipt for it.  Basically, renovation work covered by the lead renovation rule is defined as a modification of an existing structure that disturbs a painted surface, such as surface restoration or surface preparation activity. Excluded are minor repair and maintenance activities that disrupt up to 6 square feet of interior painted surface or 20 square feet of exterior painted surface. Demolitions and window replacements are not considered minor repairs.

Dee Marie Fisher

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