Definitions of “Green”

“Green” Has Many Meanings…. 

What does the word “green” mean?  When I first heard it many years ago, I was very confused and associated it with tree huggers, people saying sacrifice, don’t use anything but natural products and then don’t use much of it.  I’m glad to say that the definition for green has expanded for me.  I’m sure in the months to come, I’ll find other words and meanings to clarify for me: What is Green?

  A few other definitions of green that I’ve recently encountered:

  • buzz or marketing word that conveys a general meaning without any specific beliefs, procedures, ideals or techniques
  • living with nature without damaging it
  • sustainability: (1) lessening the environmental impact from society (2) seeks to balance people, plant and prosperity – NAR Green designation course (3) the ability to satisfy the basic needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs” – Michael Braungart
  • ecological, friendly products and methods to mitigate health and  environmental damage
  • “Causing less harm” according to William McDonough’s “Cradle to Cradle

  Your comments and opinions are appreciated…. what is your definition of green?  Of sustainability?  Is there a better word to use?

Dee Marie Fisher

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