Inexpensive Home Makeovers Increase Resale Value

In today’s real estate market with the number of foreclosures just now starting to decline (at least for this month), it is important for a home on the market to attract a buyer to place an offer.  There are a growing number of “stagers” who prepare homes or condos for sale.  They say it is not enough to clean the house.  To get top dollar, you have to do more. 

Look at the photo of a house that has been on the market for some time.  What is in the foreground of this photo?  A step-stool (ladder)!  Will that attract a buyer to put in a high offer or any offer at all?

Though it would be nice to replace the kitchen appliances and modernize a bathroom, some steps are less expensive and very attractive to propective buyers.  New linens, pillows, shams for the bedroom, Regrouting the bathroom is wise.  One designer bought a brightly colored shower curtain and rug to draw the eye away from older fixtures.  If the home is outdated, add a few accessories that will give the appearance of today’s designs.

Strive for a model home style.  Refrigerator magnets, photos etc. have to go. The goal is to show potential buyers a home that is both tasteful and impersonal enough to allow them to mentally move in.

Stagers rearrange furniture to point the eye to a home’s strongest features such as an architectural flourish, large window, or a beautiful view.   New light fixtures, faucets, window coverings, door handles, electrical outlet covers may just add that extra touch to appeal to the potential buyer to place an offer for the home.

Dee Marie Fisher