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Most of us dread the thought of packing and moving.  Here are some tips to make it a bit easier:   Decide which items you will be packing yourself and which items you will have the movers pack.  Let the movers pack your fragile and expensive items.  The advantages are they know what they are doing, they use only the best packaging supplies and, in case of damages, they will be liable.  Here are further suggestions to help you organize your move.

  • Keep an Inventory!  While you go around the house and decide which items you will be taking with you, make sure to write down each and every item.  You are solely responsible for the items you pack yourself and how else will you know exactly what you brought or if anything is missing?
  • Separate your items!  On moving day, make it crystal clear to the movers as to the whereabouts of the items they will be packing.  This will ensure thta your medication, briefcase, and other personal items, such as the first-day box or baby food, will not get mixed up with the rest of the shipment.
  • Label everything!  This will help insure the boxes end up in the right rooms.  It will save you a lot of trouble.  Use a heavy black marker and write in large letters for easy reading or you can use pre-printed labels.

There are three items that should appear on the box tops:  the rooms in which they will be unloaded, its contents, and whether those contents are fragile.  For boxes marked “fragile”, indicate which end is right side up.  Also label each side of the boxes in the same way.  The movers will be using dollies and hand-trucks to transport your items.  The boes will be stacked, thus hiding the top labels. It will be much easier to read the sides.

So, if you’re ready to move, take a deep breath and get started!  Don’t forget that checklist!

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Dee Marie Fisher