A Home Pre-Inspection Can Save Money

It has often been recommended that home sellers pay for a professional home inspection when they list their home for sale so that both parties know the home’s strengths and weaknesses before an offer is ever made.  With current market conditions favoring buyers, savvy home sellers understand that paying for a professional home inspection can help them better position their home within the current market.

The large inventory of homes in San Diego currently for sale provides buyers with more options and buyers tend to prefer homes that are in move-in condition.  A professional home inspection is one more tool that a seller can use to determine how close their home is to move-in condition and to prioritize improvements and upgrades to best compete with the other homes for sale.

A thorough home inspection often uncovers problems unknown to the sellers.  By having an inspection up front, the seller has an opportunity to address minor problems that might seem major once a contract has been signed.  Plus, the home will show at its best…. for a faster sale with a higher price, in most cases.

Buyers may be more interested in a pre-inspected home because there should not be any big surprises after the contract is negotiated.  A home that does not undergo inspection may have the buyer coming back within a week or two (following their own inspection) requesting upgrades, allowances, or price reductions, all of which are a hassle and inconvenience to both parties.

The buyers still have the option of obtaining their own professional home inspection, but there is less likelihood of unexpected surprises and definitely, a greater chance the sale will go through as originally negotiated.

Let me know if you’d like a list of recommended professional home inspectors that my clients use or visit the California Real Estate Inspection Association  websit for a list of inspectors close to you.

Dee Marie Fisher

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