Tips for Foreign Homebuyers in San Diego

What You Should Know When Buying Property

1385111-tn_Earth-from-spaceReal estate transactions are different across the United States….  and especially when compared to other countries.  For the foreign home buyer, it can be a bit confusing to understand what to expect when buying a home in San Diego, California area. 

What is involved in a real estate transaction here in San Diego area?  It’s always wise to learn and understand the following:

  •  Agency Disclosures
  •  Duties of Real Estate Agents/Brokers for the seller (listing agent) and the buyer (buyer or selling agent)
  • How Real Estate Agents/Brokers are paid
  • Costs paid by each party (buyer and seller) to complete the sale
  • Escrow company duties in southern California.
  • Local area procedures of a real estate sale

The above is by no means all a buyer needs to know…. It is a start though for the foreign property buyer!  Stay tuned as I explain the above topics in future blog posts…. Or give me a call with any specific questions you may have.

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