Second Hand Shopping

Take the kids to a thriftstore for their Halloween Costumes!

My neice loves to find bargains at thrift stores and it’s a heck of lot less expensive than a new costume. Set a budget and let their creativity flow! Some places rent costumes….whatever is popular this year may not be the next and the kids most likely will grow out of them. A few hints mentioned in Sunday’s article "The Spending Shift" by Seth Fiegerman I found interesting:

  • Some places don’t have dressing rooms so dress light so you can try on over your clothes.
  • Shop early in the week. Most items are received over weekends and put out on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Check the tags. Not only for washing instructions but also for the condition of the tag. If they tag still looks in good shape most likely not worn or washed much or well taken care of.
  • They even have sales! Keep an eye out for a bargain on bargain.
  • Check for locations near colleges. Students update clothing more often and get rid of stuff then they move.

Check out this site…. Bargainlink –  A guide to Secondhand shopping in San Diego County.

The same author, Seth Fiegerman has a good article with more interesting links and information… The New Era of SecondHand Shopping  which tells more than just the rebirth of Thrift Shops. "The rebirth of the thrift store is only one aspect of this. Dozens of websites have popped up in the past three years offering shoppers the opportunity to share, trade, barter and resell products to people who need them, no matter where they are."

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