San Diego Staycation

 Play Tourist In Your Own Backyard

59 Mile Scenic Drive

     Today, my assistant metioned she was doing this drive next month. After living here over 20 years, she has never seen several of the sites in our beautful city!  Sometimes we take for granted the history and spectacular places San Diego has to offer. Play tourist in your own backyard. San Diego offers a 59-Mile Scenic Drive that includes 27 of the city’s key sites. Do blue and yellow "scenic drive" signs with an illustration of a soaring white sea gull sound familiar? They mark the route, which is clearly designated on an annotated map provided by the city’s international visitor information center.

     Encompassing a good portion of the city’s most outstanding attractions, it can be driven in about three hours – but only if you don’t make many stops! For a more relaxed journey, do portions of the tour on different days.

     Have fun!



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