San Diego Is Not a Strolling City

What is the Walkability of Your Home?

San Diego may have great weather but a stroll to the park or store isn't so easy. In a survey of the 10 most "walk-able" cities, San Diego ranked #7 (with New York as #1 and Dallas as #10). What is so perplexing about San Diego is that with our weather, we should have a compatible walking city, but unfortunately we do not.

WalkScoreWalk San Diego is a group that was created by founder Jim Stone which promotes walkability and bikeability in San Diego, and works very closely with Walkscore. Walkscore is about helping people find great places to live, work , and play. It's about what's outside the walls of a home or business, and being close to the people you love, having transportation choices, and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Walkscore ranked 2,761 cities in the U.S. and Canada with at least 10,000 residents and found that the average score was 43 on a scale of 1-100. Of the 16 cities ranked in San Diego, 13 were above average and only three were below (Carlsbad, Santee, and Poway). Del Mar and Solana Beach were too small to be included…. yet both have many homes within walking distance of the downtown/shopping areas.

San Diego ranked seventh among cities of a million or more, but received only 55.7 points. It came in sixth countrywide, 315th statewide and 453rd nationally among all cities. La Mesa had the highest ranking locally with 65.6 points and Santee had the lowest of 40.9 points.

Walkscore bases its findings on the distance between your current location and an amenity, such as a store or park. Distance of less than a quarter-mile get the most points, and those farther than a mile away get no points. The 16 cities that were ranked in San Diego from most walkable to less walkable were:

  1. La Mesa
  2. National City
  3. El Cajon
  4. Coronado
  5. Imperial Beach
  6. San Diego
  7. Vista
  8. Chula Vista
  9. Escondido
  10. Encinitas
  11. Lemon Grove
  12. Oceanside
  13. San Marcos
  14. Carlsbad
  15. Poway
  16. Santee

What is great for me, when searching for a home in our Multiple Listing Service for a buyer, is that we do have a "WalkScore" field that will let the buyer know if the home meets their needs to walk to restaurants, stores etc.   What does your home score?

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