Revitalizing Solana Beach

New Fetcher Cove Community Center – Location Location Location!

City Manager David Ott said at the time: “We were pretty lucky that thing was still standing once we got to it.” The center, built as Army barracks in the 1940s, had few windows, and therefore limited light. Its paint was chipped, and the bathrooms were decrepit. A bug or two might be found in a corner.  Actually, I know for a fact that there were a few bugs, a lot of character and a great ocean view….. I was there weekly for years attending a Toastmasters Club meeting.

The city this summer completed a $350,000 renovation of the center. It’s complete with a new interior that includes recycled vinyl flooring, a kitchen, unisex bathrooms, accordion doors, and sweeping ocean views. The outside is painted a deep blue that matches that ocean and has concrete walkways, decorative rocks and a marquis. The center is a place for yoga classes, sing-a-longs, water-coloring, community meetings and many more events.

Redevelopment for the Avocado Trailer Park

An abandoned trailer park in the heart of downtown Solana Beach could soon be redeveloped into a city centerpiece. The parcel is now one of the last pieces of undeveloped property west of Interstate 5 in Solana Beach, a city that Councilman Dave Roberts said is 98 percent built out. The land is now home to an out-of-business solar company, abandoned trailers and some empty lots. There are still a few businesses operating on adjacent lots. American Assets who purchased the lot also owns Solana Beach Towne Center, Solana Beach Corporate Center and the Lomas Santa Fe Plaza.

More exciting news for Solana Beach keeps coming!

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