Many San Diego Homes Are Going Green

What are the benefits to you?

Eco-sensitive materials, paint and filtration means better indoor air quality for you and your family.

Better insulation, EnergyStar® appliances, programmable thermostats, water-stingy faucets, toilets and shower heads, and optional tankless water heaters mean significantly lower energy and water bills, all year long.

Cool in the summer. Warm in the winter. Be comfortable year round without having to worry about big HVAC bills. Better insulation systems, radiant roof barrier and double-pane Low-e windows make a difference.

Engineered wood is less prone to warping and stronger than conventional lumber. Many of the latest plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulating and stucco systems are designed for longer, happier lives than those in homes just a few years old.

From the way some companies develop land and construct houses to the way the homes operate and the materials they contain, natural and non-renewable resources are conserved all along the way. It adds up to big savings for the earth, and for you.

 Contact me and I can tell you which developments are going green or guide you to the resources to integrate some of these systems into your home!

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