Is A Home Still A Good Investment?

Join the discussion from the Wall Street Journal:  Is a Home Still a Good Investment?

Answer: Of course it is, and now is the time to buy it. Put equity to work for you. Make one extra payment a year. Finance for 15 years and not 30. Don’t buy the house twice. — Kevin Joubert

Answer. Yes, home ownership is still a good investment, but only for the long term. Land is still a finite resource, and the world population will continue to grow in spite of some blips like the die-off of the boomers. — Carl Castrogiovanni

Answer. Yes, of course it’s a good investment and especially right now. Mine will be paid off when I’m 65. Even if it’s worth nothing, I still have a place to live, visit with family and friends and stay warm. — Lloyd Binen

Answer. Real estate used to be a good “forced saving” mechanism until banks began offering loans like negative-amortization mortgages. If individuals can avoid the temptation of sexy financing, homes should remain good savings vehicles. — Maneesh Shanbhag

What is your opinion?  Let’s find out what San Diego residents thing about home ownership…. write your comments!

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  1. Beth Monday, June 20, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    With increasing rents in San Diego, I have weighed the Pro's and Con's. Factoring in the interest write off, ownership was the best choice for me. — B Eastes

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