Investing in short term real estate in San Diego?

Are you prepared for what it takes to FLIP a property in San Diego?

It may not be as simple as you think…. Research, research, research, sweat, sweat, sweat……this article follows 3 types of investors, large, medium and small.  Are you Goldilocks in the midst of the three bears? On the other hand there are long term investors as well.  Buy & Hold Investors. Almost 67 percent of them saying they’re investing for the long term – at least five years — and only 11 percent of them expecting to turn a profit within 12 months. Nearly half of the investors canvassed by Move said they plan to live in their investment property until it’s sold or turned into a rental property.  

If you have ever flipped a property, I would love to hear your experience.   Or are you looking for a short-term or long-term investment?

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