Home Buyer’s Repair Request

Traditions in a Buyer's Request for Repairs…

Over the years, I have seen many Requests for Repairs, working with buyers and with sellers as their broker… that have border on the ridiculous and to buyers understanding the California Residential Purchase Agreements clause that states it is being sold "as is" and do not ask for any repairs. 

What is consider ridiculous?  Asking for the seller to make the home as if it were new…. a new roof, new carpet or wood floors, new plumbing and electrical, new windows and even adding that extra bath needed.

What is reasonable?  To ask for any repairs or replacements regarding safety, structural or security items that may include termite work, broken windows, doors that do not latch or lock, mold, plumbing or electrical issues, leaky roofs and other similar items.

home repairsUnless a homebuyer is purchasing a brand new home, she needs to understand that all homes have been lived in…. they will not be perfect nor will they neccessarily be to that buyer's interior design taste…. you can't expect the seller to make those changes.

Another factor to take into consideration and to discuss with your real estate broker is what type of market is it?  Is it a buyer's or seller's market?  In a buyer's market, a buyer may be successful in their repair request for cosmetic items because the seller is anxious to sell.

A tip for home buyers when asking for repairs…. ask for a dollar credit at closing and then complete the work yourself.  Why?  Because you will have control over who does the work and the quality of that work.

Remember in California, buyers may ask for repairs; however, the seller has the right to agree to all, a portion or none of the requested repairs.  At that point, it's re-negotiating time or time for the buyer to decide if they truly want the home.

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