Green Homes Sell for 9% More

Going Green Gets More Costly in California

With green homes not only selling for 9% MORE in California, their premium is also the highest and in the hottest, most eco-minded areas. Green certified, single-family homes sold for an average of $34,800 more than comparable homes from 2007 to 2012 when the average California home was priced at $400,000, according the University of California research. The study also finds the premium is the highest in the hottest places, suggesting buyers value green labels for the practical reason of lowering utility bills. 

Prior research co-authorized by Nils Kok found that green ratings boost the value of office buildings too. Office buildings with green certifications commanded rents that were at least 3% higher and sale prices that were 16% higher than non-certified office buildings.

There are many homes and commercial buildings in San Diego County that are green certified….. call or write me if you have an interest in learning more.


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