Dead Sea Scrolls at Balboa Park

San Diego Natural History MuseumIf you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Dead Sea Scrolls at the San Diego Natural History Museum, you still have time.  They’ve extended the exhibit to January 6, 2008 plus now have extended hours.  Many museum exhibits will travel from city to city; however, this has been a coup for San Diego since this is the only museum you’ll be able to see the Copper Scroll from Jordan and the Dead Sea Scrolls from Israel together. I’ve had the pleasure to be a volunteer for this exhibit since June 2007.  The Dead Sea Scroll exhibit appeals to archelogists, theologians, various religions, history buffs and many others.  It is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever assembled.  Currently, there is on exhibit the oldest manuscript containing the Ten Commandants. The San Diego Natural History Museum is located in Balboa Park.  Balboa Park is the hub of all museums in San Diego, as well as the famous San Diego Zoo!  I’ve enjoyed strolling through the park before and after my volunteer shift at the museum… I encourage all, visitors and residents alike, to take time to explore Balboa Park!   

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