Council Agrees to Dump Portion of General Housing Plan Project in Encinitas


Encinitas The Coast News reported that the controversial proposal to add 1,255 multifamily homes along busy El Camino Real and put 640 more along Encinitas Boulevard is officially dead.  Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar, said that the consulting company (MIGInc. of Berkeley) failed by creating a poorly done housing plan that contained little community input. It wasn’t a terrible job, it just wasn’t right for Encinitas. 

Many of these views came from folks that live in New Encinitas area, along El Camino Real, and several representatives for the recently formed Citizens for Saving New Encinitas group told council members that traffic along El Camino Real is already conjested enough, and adding more homes and apartments along the corridor will make it horrendous. Over 1,000 signatures were collected opposing the housing plan.

The general plan is a policy document intended to guide the city's decision-making over the next 25 years, and is compromised of multiple elements that inform planners, developers, policymakers and the community.  Among other events, the city will host map-creation exercises, where people can pick for themselves the spots where the city could accommodate its future housing needs. To date, this housing project has cost about $1 million. 

The city is organizing a 23-member commission to assist with the housing plan revision. The city's regular committees and commissions also will weigh in on the process, and general public workshop sessions are planned.

What are your thoughts on the expansion of Encinitas?

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