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Higher Loan Limits!

     President Obama signed the Stimulus Package of 2009 yesterday and I’m not sure if it will accomplish everything that people are hoping it will do for our economy.  I am very glad to see that the higher loan limits from last year have been reinstated…. here is the National Association of Realtors summary on […]

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Mortgage Loan Limits Increased!

Wow, I’m sure happy to hear that Congress has sent the "Economic Stimulus" bill to the White House for President Bush to sign into law this coming week.  Inman news stated that "The economic stimulus package includes a provision that will temporarily raise the conforming loan limit to allow Fannie and Freddie to purchase or […]

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Renovation Financing

Loans to renovate a home have been around for a long time under various names.  Wells Fargo and other lending institutes have financing programs that allow for existing homeowners, investors, first-time homebuyer sas well as a multi-million dollar homeowners to obtain a purchase loan to renovate the property after the closing not before.  I found it interesting to […]

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