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Appraisal Tips for Owners and Real Estate Agents

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How to Obtain a Good Appraisal…. The business of appraisals has changed since I started my real estate career many years ago…. especially when the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in 2010 which I wrote about in a previous blog "Appraisal Scoop 2012".  The essence is that real estate agents and lenders can no longer contact […]

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2014 Real Estate Predictions


Predictions for San Diego Real Estate As always, I'm reading and researching for information about real estate in order to better understand the market and share with my clients, friends and others.  It has been interesting reading all the articles about what 2014 will be in the real estate market nationwide, as well as in […]

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California Ranks 5th in “Healthiest” Borrowers


So what does "healthiest borrowers" mean? California has one of the most financially healthy crops of would-be mortgage borrowers in the nation. Our Golden State ranked 5th when cosidering credit score, loan-to-value ratio and other factors in the second quarter. Mortgage applicants here had an average credit score of 679 and the average loan-to-value ratio […]

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Are FHA Rules Really Getting THAT Tight?

FHA Loans A Good Thing? You may have seen recent headlines about the Federal Housing Administration needing a taxpayer "bailout"…  the good news for FHA's traditional borrowers is that people with limited cash for down payments and less-than-perfect credit history the answer is no. In the meanwhile, FHA is making tweaks to their program rules […]

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