Beach Cleanup…Let’s Think Beyond The 4th!

What can you do to help your beach?

Fortunately our local beaches stay relatively clean year round but that is only because of efforts made by every one of us on a daily basis. Keeping our water clean can vary from preventing toxic runoff or simple recycling. See this easy list of everyday household activities from the Natural Resources Defense Council. But let’s jump in and have some fun on Monday the 5th! Have you gone to the beach the day after a big holiday to see the remnants left behind? Join the Surfrider Foundation to clean our beaches next Monday. Or just take a bag whenever you go and pick up where others may have left off……


 FOR Example, Del Mar’s dog beach, Solana Beach’s Fletcher Cove, Cardiff’s Swami’s surfing beach or the state park’s beach, Encinitas has many beaches… Moonlight, Beacons etc…. that you could check out and clean up if you’d like a day at the beach!

ENJOY your 4th of July weekend!


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