Are you searching for a San Diego home online?

You need me!

A record 9 out of 10 house hunters searched online last year, according to the National Association of Realtors. The problem is the information you find is not always accurate.  The most common problems are simply errors….listings that advertise gas heating when in fact the house runs on electric heat, or a price cut that hasn't been updated online. Around 21% of the data agents individually submit for posting on real-estate websites isn't updated when changes are made to the price or when the property is sold, according to a report released last month by listings website But in some cases, "mistakes" may be intentionally misleading, such as touting an ocean view when you need to stand on the tub to view the ocean from the bathroom window, a home listed as "remodeled' yet only new counters were installed over the freshly painted cabinets, or even describing a kitchen as eat-in but only if you were standing up with your plate.

This is why you need me! I can verify the accuracy and spot discrepancies right away. Call anytime and I can quickly review properties you have found of interest and perhaps even find a gem you may not have run across!

Get Smart and call me at 619-742-0046

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