2015 Predictions for San Diego Real Estate Market

2015The San Diego Union Tribune in the Housing Huddle asked many real estate leaders what are the key aspects for the real estate market in 2015.  I found it interesting what their thoughts were….  and here is my summary of what we'll need for a good real estate market for San Diego this year:

1.  Income –  the median household income will drive the home prices.

2.  Job Growth – real job growth at the higher salaried positions for San Diego influence sales.

3.  Interest Rates – the low interest rates will allow many to qualify for higher home prices.

4.  Loans – New types of loans – for example, stated income and lower down payment loans will assist buyers to take advantage of the lower interest rates and buy now.

5.  Inventory – The housing inventory is still low, yet there will be an increase as Spring arrives that will help maintain the house prices.

6.  Economics – The international and national esconomics are assisting many now with the lower fuel costs and a stronger dollar.

What are your thoughts about the coming year for the real estate market?

How can I help you in 2015…. are you ready to buy or sell a home?  Just need some further market information?  I look forward to hearing from you….



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